Funding isn't just about getting a loan anymore and good credit doesn't seem good enough anymore. Financial health has many pieces with each building upon the other. We work with clients across the spectrum to repair, build, and secure funding daily. Funding Credit has extensive experience in business consulting, funding, and credit management all foundational elements to a strong financial strategy.

Funding Credit believes in multiple streams of income as a vital part of a strong financial strategy to offset life's unexpected events. It is with that focus, we will be offering two opportunities to create an additional income stream. Your interest in our program shows your level of desire to take control of your financial health and the future. We are excited when like-minded folks cross our path and want nothing more than to help you to succeed.

Our Affiliate Program is designed to offer an easy way to refer to friends, family, church, and others to our services. Our Affiliates can build a nice income stream without the need for intimate knowledge of our services or industry. The truth is, having multiple streams of income opportunities will be imperative in the coming years, dare I say soon to be the norm.

Our Partner Program is designed for working directly with professionals who interact on a daily basis with the public within their industry who have a need for our services. This program will require a level of knowledge and understanding with regard to how our services relate to their customers. While many companies offer partner programs, most lack the tools for success or are limited in their scope. Funding Credit is developing a comprehensive education and marketing system to support our Partners and their road to success.

We are growing a team of professional partners from a cross-section of industries to offer sound advice to our client's specific business and personal goals. Our platform gives our partners and clients access to information and training that will set each apart. We want partners, like-minded in being the best in their field and surrounded by the best in others supporting each with a common goal. We seek the best. The best character, skills, and desire to grow in knowledge. If you feel you are ready to have a true partnership rather than a glorified affiliate position, then contact us. Our affiliate referral program members can recommend with confidence that the folks they refer will have access to a team of professionals.

Funding Credit is looking forward to helping our communities not just in these trying times, but well into the future. We intend to do that with a team of well-trained professional partners and that's just the beginning!!

We are accepting a limited number of pre-launch applications for our Affiliate and Partners Programs. Contact us TODAY and be a part of an exciting and new platform to educate and support our clients and partners not seen to date... stay tuned!!

Partnership and Referrals Program